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Nov 2, 2010
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Hey everyone i have looked and searched for a thread dealing with usb problems and i havent found one yet. i was wondering if anyone else has had the problem of getting a computer to recognize a D2? i cant get it to read the phone all it says is a problem occured during installation. it shows up as drive H and E but there is no disk/card to store anything on. it says please insert disk into this drive. if anyone could help since the phone comes with no installation cd. thanks everyone
Is your SD card in place?
How are you connecting the device, usb mass storage, charge only, PC mode, etc?
when i plug it up to the computer it is in mass storage mode and if i leave it hooked up ill switch it to charge only but when i connect the D2 it says problem installing hardware and the device might not work properly. this is on any USB mode. any ideas on how to solve this problem?
Did you first " Settings->Applications->Development, check USB debugging." Then plug your phone into computer, and it will show a "connections avail" icon, slide it down and make your choice. If you choose "PC Mode" you will be able to use ADB to see your internal and SD card memory and manipulate it to a degree if you are rooted.

I say to a degree because you should not mess with the phone unless you are following instructions from the forum or you have actually studied and have the knowledge to do something on your own.

If memory serves me right, I had the same frustration when I first got my D2. If you download and install the Android SDK you will have all the proper drivers for all the operations you want to perform.

Just plugging a non rooted phone into computer, all you will see is your SD card, if you performed the Setting I listed above and you choose "mass Storage" as the connection type.
Thank u chrs that helped out a lot and thanks for the detailed info. Its greatly appreciated. +rep