phone announcing caller ID


Aug 24, 2012
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Houston, TX
Out of nowhere my phone had started announcing the caller I'd when the phone is ringing. And it is announcing when I receive a text message. I uninstalled car home ultra and did a force stop on the stock vehicle mode. Checked my settings and is set to ring only.

After uninstalled car home ultra it announces the caller id about 30 seconds later.

Any thoughts?
Settings/ accessibility/ caller id readout.....make sure it's on ring only
Yea i have checked it it is set as ring only. Guess it is time for FDR, hate that.
I just posted this on another thread:

My daughter and I got the same phone, Motorola Droid Razr M just yesterday.... I had the same issue described above, maybe with a slight twist: whenever she would call me, my phone would sound a female voice announcing "Verizon Wireless" before it would ring (how helpful to know the caller is "Verizon Wireless" indeed...)... Interestingly enough, my daughter (same exact phone) doesn't have this "feature" when I call her....

After spending some time experimenting, I THINK I found a workaround...

I created a manual SmartAction WITHOUT a trigger (couldn't find any in the list that fit the situation, so I just left it blank), and the action I chose was "announce Calls and Text" —— I selected the first option, "text message sender name" while the 2nd one, "incoming caller name" is de-selected.

It works......