Perfect Keyboard Pro question ...


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Jan 5, 2014
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I've tried dozens of keyboards but always end up landing on Perfect Keyboard Pro as my default. Its T9 key and voice key are appropriately placed, and its basic, yet customizable layout is superb!

There is but one little annoyance. It seems to come preloaded with dictionary words that I can't delete.

For example, if I type the word 'after', then 'AfterDawn' pops up as a suggested word (as much as I like AfterDawn, I just don't type it enough for it to be in my dictionary). Another example would be if I type the word 'only', I get 'Molybdenum' as a suggestion (I had to look that word up).

These suggestions are not in the stock dictionary, and don't pop up as suggestions in any other keyboard I install, so it must be exclusive to PKP.

Tried emailing you at [email protected] but no response, has anybody had any luck with this app's user dictionary?