paying for apps


Jun 14, 2010
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couldn't find it in search so here I go how often do you pay for android apps once or once a month? thanks pat
Just one time I believe. Through a CC by google checkout.
One time payment.
All the paid apps I have are one time pay ... I have about six paid apps, when Dev upgrades them, you just get the upgrade without paying extra ....

I suppose that if the upgrade was big enough, they may ask for more, I'm Ok with that, people put a lot of work into the really good apps here ....
I never pay for apps.... if I can't get a free version, it don't need to be gotten
You only pay once for apps. You can use paypal or use Google checkout.

just asking if you have to pay every month or just once
thanks pat
I dont think apps come with a subscription, their only one time payment, i think subscriptions violates googles TOS.
Paid apps themselves are a one-time fee. There may be some things that require a monthly service subscription (I know Visual Voicemail does), but I have yet to see any others.
Good question. I haven't purchased any paid apps yet because I was told CC only. If PayPal works now, all bets are off. I'm going broke! :p