OZOP Rom Brings Tweaks and Customizations To The T-Mo Galaxy S6


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are looking for a customizable rom for the Galaxy S6 look no further than the Ozop Rom! This rom is based on touchwiz but brings tons of tweaks and customization options with the included ozop rom! The rom is based on OB1 firmware, it is deodexed and includes performance and battery optimizations. There is even a mod included which increases your tether limit! Other features include extended power menu, modified camera, volume warning disabled, lots of annoying notifications removed, 25 quick toggles, flashlight toggle, status bar brightness, viper4android and much more!

Lolliozop Control includes lots of mods including Status bar clock options, Background settings, battery icon settings, sound and notifications, lockscreen options, added lolliozop apps, restart options and more! Grab this rom from the link below for your Galaxy S6.

via XDA