Outlook folders


Feb 11, 2010
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Long Island, NY
Why doesn't my Droid pick up what's in my Outlook folders (besides my "Inbox")? It syncs Inbox just fine and even reads and lists the other folders.
It would help to know what mail app you're using as well as other details such as the type of mail account. Outlook doesn't really mean anything since it's a desktop mail client that supports a number of different types of mail servers. Further, your Droid isn't going to retrieve mail directly from Outlook but from the mail server itself.

I'm guessing that since you can see the other folders listed that your mail account supports this. Not all accounts do. You probably just need to enable the option to receive mail in your subfolders (or find another mail app that will allow you to do so). Without details it's nearly impossible to really help much.
I use Microsoft exchange (at work) along with the Droid's exchange on the phone. Where in the phone does it enable me to receive email in my subfolders? I see in account settings where I have it set to "push" for frequency but nothing else. I aslo heard about an app called Touchdown that may help. Apparantly this is an issue with the original Droid.