Otterbox Commuter + Seidio Innocase Holster?


Dec 13, 2010
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I currently have an Otterbox Defender, and I'm awaiting my 2nd replacement case. Twice now, the case has broken where the belt clip attaches to the side of the case. Otterbox is replacing it (again), however I'm looking at replacing it with a Commuter series case.

Now, my question is, has anyone tried using the Seidio Innocase Holster with the Otterbox Commuter with an Incredible? I found this post with some people doing it with an EVO, and they seem to have had success. Holster/Clip for Otterbox and Evo - Android Forums

Let me know if you've done it, or know someone who has, and if it works. Thanks!

Edit: I've seen the Speck Holdster, not real interested in that. The Nite Ize eCLIPse doesn't look too bad, I used to have a leather case with a clip on the rear and I used to carry my old iPhones inside of/clipped to my front left pants pocket so I could probably make that work again if need be, but I'd much prefer an actual belt clip with the Commuter series case if possible.

Edit 2: If no one has tried this with a DINC, maybe I'll just buy the Commuter, Innocase Holster, and the Nite Ize eCLIPse, and give it a whirl. The place I was looking at has a 30 day return policy so if the Commuter doesn't fit in the Seidio holster, I'll just send the holster back and put on the eCLIPse. Hmmm...
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Ordered the Commuter and Innocase Holster. I'll post back with results.
Update: The Innocase Holster definitely does not fit the Commuter for the Incredible in any way, shape, or form. I just ordered the Innocase Active Holster to give it a shot. Going to return the Innocase Holster. I'll keep you posted.
Further Update: Active Holster doesn't fit either. Bleh. Ordered a Nite Ize eCLIPse Black. Guess that's better than nothing.