OTA Update not downloading on 4G


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May 12, 2012
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I received the notice that the update was available but it does not start unless I am connected to wifi ?!?!?
I did check the settings in The google play store that ask only download when connected to wifi and it is not checked.
Data Saver is currently off...

It only shows progress of downloading updates when I connect to wifi not when on 4G

any ideas? I really did not want to use wifi to do updates..

I can download apps and such using 4G no problems jut this update does not seem to want to download

The update doesn't come from the Play Store so that option wouldn't affect it at all. Data Saver could affect it but you said that was off.

Why do you care if the update comes over WiFi? It doesn't change anything about the update or how it works, it's just how you get it.

Sending a package through the Mail, UPS or FedEx doesn't change the package, it just changes how the package gets to the whoever.

Turn of WiFi, download the update and enjoy.