OnLive Cloud Gaming Debuts Universal Wireless Controllers; Video Demo on HTC Flyer


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Dec 30, 2010
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In case you haven't heard of OnLive, they are the soon-to-come premier cloud-based gaming company that is pushing forward with some advanced technology to allow you to play your favorite video games anywhere, even in a park, boat, or plane. The idea of cloud-based gaming is simple. Your device becomes simply a dummy terminal that allows you to connect to a host of servers that handle the graphics and network functions for the game. Just recently, they have taken their concept to a new level by adding "Universal Remote Gaming Controllers" to their repertoire. Here's a quote from the companies CEO, Steve Perlman
We set out to make OnLive available everywhere. Now that this is a reality, consumers need a way to enjoy the full OnLive experience on any device. The new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller places high-quality gameplay in your hands whether on a TV, computer, tablet/smartphone device or on future OnLive-compatible devices yet to be introduced.
Interestingly, when asked about the wireless technology in the controller, the CEO indicated that it was not bluetooth, but would not share the "secret recipe". Engadget was able to film a video of the controller and their service in action on an HTC Flyer. Engadget came away saying,
When we went hands-on with the new controller, it was paired with the HTC Flyer. We'd been waiting to see OnLive's service on HTC's new tablet, and the experience didn't disappoint -- in our brief time with the device, gaming was as good on the Flyer as it is on a PC, with little lag and the same quality graphics.
Here is that video below, and a list of devices that can potentially support the OnLive service and OnLive Universal Controller:
  • OnLive’s own MicroConsole
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Vizio TVs with VIA Plus
  • Android tablets and smartphones
  • GoogleTV
  • Chromebooks

[video=youtube;VzKzDE88PC0]]YouTube - ‪OnLive running on an HTC Flyer (Engadget)‬‏[/video]

And, Speaking of TV devices that are compatible with the service, OnLive is making big partnerships to insure their service will be a hit. Mr. Perlman indicated that the company plans to have 50 million Blu-ray players and 25 million internet TVs shipped with the service on board by the end of the year. To help accomplish this, OnLive has partnered with none other than Intel to help jump things off.

They are taking things just one more step further, too. OnLive has been "courting" Facebook to allow users to launch games directly from their Facebook profile, effectively transforming Facebook into OnLive's massive social gaming hook-up forum. Here's another quote from the Engadget article,
There's also automatic "Brag Clip" video uploads (to share your greatest gaming hits) and wall posts to let folks know when you start playing -- with accompanying links so they can watch or join in.
Just... AMAZING!

It's easy to see this as the wave of the future for gaming. The ability to turn any TV or portable Android device into your gaming platform at a moment's notice, along with a wireless controller, just blows my mind. They plan on releasing the service in the UK in the fall first. What do you guys think?

Source: Engadget


May 31, 2010
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Wow, that is pretty nifty. I would love to play borderlands or PC games on the go just for the heck of it. that is pretty sweet cant wait for here. I wonder what pricing wil be like .