OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition Coming?!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The OnePlus 5T is expected to be a pretty great budget friendly device when it releases today. We have already seen it unboxed and yesterday a GFXBench confirmed the included specs. We know just about all there is to know, but OnePlus may have one more trick up their sleeve. An XDA member posted a thread which has since been taken down that included Oxygen OS code that hinted at a Star Wars special edition. The device will apparently feature a red theme. The exterior of the phone may also be red. Would you be interested in a Star Wars themed OnePlus 5T with the release of The Last Jedi right around the corner?

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Wouldn't they first have to pay Disney millions of dollars to use anything star wars related? I just don't see one+ as a company with a big expense account.
Does anyone else feel that looks like the iPhone Red Edition? Dont Like it
Ive Found that it is almost Pointless to get any Special Color Phones unless you have a Clear Case. I purposely got a Clear TPU Case for my Note8 so I can see the Color I bought.