Old text message being resent...and resent...and resent


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Mar 18, 2011
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One of my contacts that I text frequently (bf) has been complaining that a text I sent him almost 2 weeks ago (March 26th) has been repeatedly sent to his phone (Droid Incredible) ever since then. It's seemingly random, but sometimes he gets it every 10 minutes or so and other times a day will go by without him getting it. I've tried resetting my phone, clearing all messaging data, battery pull, pulled out the SIM card, etc. As a last resort, I finally did a factory reset and he's received it twice since then. I tried using Handcent instead and now Go SMS. No dice. Does ANYONE have any advice? This is obviously really annoying (although kind of funny that the text says "don't forget to charge your phone.")

I thought maybe it was because of the different networks the phone switches through, but I changed it to CDMA (PRL) and that didn't seem to help either. I'm starting to regret buying the Thunderbolt so soon after release.