Ok, so I rooted, got lazy, and now I'm stuck. Help? please haha


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Mar 8, 2010
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ok, so I had the original Droid, rooted, ran a lot of roms and kernels and such and was pretty familiar and fluid in the process. Got a Bionic but didn't really want to root, kinda got bored. One day I decided to root it but I was lazy. I rooted it (have no recollection of what method and such) but never ran flashed any ROMs or anything. Then forgot all about it and never did anything with it. Last night i get the ICS update, d/l it and go to install it. It gets about 1/3 through then stops and the picture changes to the exclamation point in the triangle, then just reboots back to GB. Here's what I have so far....I set Superuser to skip prompt and just allow, however.... ROM manager says my Current Recovery is ClockworkMod, but anything I try to do with Rom Manager (boot into recovery, flash recovery, etc) and I get the little pop up that its been denied superuser access. If i try to update my su binary in superuser, it stops at "Gaining root access...failed!". Root checker tells me "Sorry! This Device does not have proper root" or whatever. Bionic Bootstrapper gets the "....denied root access" message if i try anything in there. Ginger Unroot told me I was full unrooted and to reboot, but after rebooting I still have Superuser installed and all the same problems. All i want to do is get to stock and install the ota update. Sorry this is long and probably dumb, but can anyone help? lol thanks