OG Droid keyboard not working.


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Mar 28, 2011
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Well I've been through 4 Droids, so this is the last Motorola phone ever.

So Verizon sent me a new phone tuesday (3/22) and got it the next day. That Friday (3/25) The keyboard stopped working.

when i go to a text, and try to push out the physical keyboard the phone just locks up and freezes. The lock button turns the screen off, i have to do that a few times, and then everything is back to normal.

I've tried, deleting apps (didn't have much to begin with since I've had it for little over 24hr). Did MANY battery pulls, let it sit for a little, turned it on, back off, then did a factory reset and still having the same issue.

Since this was my 4th droid, Verizon sent me a droid 2. I got it today, but they had to send the battery from a different warehouse.

Any known fixes? or am i just one of the few lucky ones?