Official TWRP Is Now Available For The Note 5!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Galaxy Note 5 is now officially supported by Team Win Recovery Project. With a fully official and stable custom recovery you can now easily make full nandroid backups. These nandroid backups will allow you to recover any lost app data if you somehow mess up your phone flashing mod files. There are currently not many roms for the device, but now that we have a custom recovery development should pick up.

Even so I wouldn't get too excited about CyanogenMod support for the device. Cyanogen has already stated that they will not support Exynos devices. The Note 5 has an Exynos CPU. The Galaxy S6 still does not have an unofficial build of CM, but there are developers working on it so its not hopeless. For now you will be able to use TWRP to make backups and flash mods. Grab the official TWRP from below.

I'll be happy once the VZW Note 5 has Root