Official LG G3 Press Renders Leak


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Dec 30, 2010
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For fans of LG wanting to pick up their latest flagship phone, May 27th cannot come soon enough. Many of us are anxious to see what LG pulls out this time. Of course, the internet is as leaky as Quint's boat after Jaws had his way with it, and today we have the best leak yet. Full press render images of the LG G3 are up and available for your perusal.

It's possible this is a very good fake, but it seems to jive just fine with the previously leaks. From what we see, it looks like LG has crafted a fine device again. Whether or not it has the most cutting edge specs, this phone is very easy on the eyes. Of course, we will know all the particulars at the end of the month and will share them with you on the official reveal date. In the mean-time, sound off with your thoughts on the aesthetics of the G3.

There are several more press shots in the thread below.

Update: It was brought to my attention that the pics shown include an external case for the device, so we aren't really seeing the whole picture. Thanks for the clarification guys. Sorry I missed it. ;)

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Here are the rest of those LG G3 pics:




It looks like there is already a case on it.
That's actually the design of the phone. Interesting...
Is the volume toggle an analog slider? Because that would be badass.
Interesting & odd, I thought that was the design as well. Pretty sweet if the case fits that nicely. :thumbup:

But why press shots with a case? Thats kinda odd. From that link they aren't even "official" cases.