Official DeBranded LG G3 Bootanimations For All LG G3 Devices


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the most annoying things about a carrier branded device is the extra minute it can take to boot up the phone due to the branded bootanimation. Verizon is one of the worst when it comes to carrier branding. They add atleast a few seconds to every boot up with that RED screen with white Verizon logo. "Autoprime" the developer who first released a root method for the LG G3 has also put together Boot Animations for the LG G3 that remove any and all carrier branding. The only downside is that it this custom bootanimation does remove sound from the boot up. This mod does require root. Installation is super simple just download the bootanimation and replace the in /system/media/folder with the new bootanimation. I would highly recommend renaming the current rather than deleting it entirely just incase you need to restore it in order to accept an over the air update later on. Grab the custom bootanimation at the link below.