[Off Topic News] Hack Watching in Real-Time Possible with Online Live Hacking Map


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Dec 30, 2010
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This news isn't mobile related directly, but it is tech related so we thought it worth sharing for its sheer cool factor. Security firm Norse has a live hacking map which operates in real-time. You can actually watch as countries around the world attack and are attacked by various hacking attempts. Interestingly, The United States sends out the most attacks, with China coming in second. Conversely, the United States is also the largest target for attacks, perhaps unsurprisingly. Also unsurprisingly, you will see attacks which originate within the United States and target another part of the United States.

Be careful you don't get too mesmerized by the digital war going on. I's a fascinating thing to watch and you can "freeze time" by hovering your mouse pointer over a listing. It rather reminds us of the 1980's movie Wargames.

The most intriguing thing that we noticed while watching the site was how often Canada get's in on the hacking action. They are frequently in the top ten for sending out attacks. Who knew those crazy cool Canadians were so "1337."

Here's the link to the site to watch the mayhem: Norse
I disagree that the US sends out the most attacks. The stats on the front page say China by about 20 percent more. But that is a result of their computers being very insecure, many of them have been turned into bots.
It depends on the time of day. Sometimes the US rises above China.