NVIDIA Shield Pro Android TV Update Includes Built-in Plex Media Server, Remote File Access & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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The latest (version 3.2) update to the NVIDIA Shield Pro Android TV will offer up several cool new features. The biggest game-changer included in the update is that you can now use your Shield Pro Android TV as a Plex Media Server. The Plex server on the SHIELD will be capable of the same things the current version is. You will even be able to stream remote devices across the Internet using your Android TV interface. Of course, to take advantage of the Plex server functionality, you will either want to have the larger 500GB version of the device, or attach an additional external USB Hard Drive to the Shield.

There's a second big feature that this update brings and that is the ability to browse the SHIELD's file storage from a local PC. This remote file access works with the SHIELD's internal storage or any volume added to adoptable storage, although a MicroSD card or any other external storage will not be available over the network. However, The SHIELD can now mount any drives on your local network-attached storage (NAS), which is handy.

That's not all the update included. Here's a breakdown of a few other features worth highlighting:
  • VUDU video app on the homescreen
  • Dolby Atmos sound pass-through
  • Netflix HDR and in-app voice search*
  • 4K 60FPS support for YouTube
  • CEC TV-off support
The update was announced, but isn't forthcoming at the moment. We will let you folks know when it finally lands. In the mean-time, check out the video in the thread below for more info.
Here's the video:

Very nice. I set up a Raspberry Pi 3 as a Plex Media Server and so far its been pretty good. Only one file couldn't play but that was a HUGE file. Our Roku is haivng issues and I was looking at the Mi Box but having Plex built in that can connect to my NAS would be pretty sweet with the Shield. The big problem is the price of a Shield Pro, $300! I think I'll stick with my Pi 3 for a while longer.

Just noticed too you don't get a remote with the Shield, just the controller.
Just noticed too you don't get a remote with the Shield, just the controller.

They had a deal a month ago and thanksgiving deal from last year that you would get the remote free with the purchase of the shield