NVIDIA Planning to bring their new Kepler GPU tech to smartphones in the future


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Dec 30, 2010
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The above is a video of a graphics card for the PC, but we wanted to share it to showcase the technology referenced in the article.​

If the last article about technology left you craving something a bit less "out of the box" and a bit more "wow that is cool" then this makes a great follow-up article. For those of us who follow PC technology advancements, the new Kepler GPU architecture designed by NVIDIA and showcased in their newest flagship graphics card, the GeForce GTX 680, is the newest drool-worthy competitor in the ongoing graphics performance video display wars on PCs. The new .28nm tech is getting rave reviews around the web, not only for its amazingly fast speeds, but also for its dramatically reduced power requirements and heat output.

Here's how this applies to us in our Android related forums: According to a statement from NVIDIA's president, Jen-Hsun Huang, they plan on eventually bringing this technology to mobile devices and even smartphones in the future. Huang said, “Today is just the beginning of Kepler. Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones.”

While he didn't share any details on this plan, it is likely that we could start seeing some of the fruits of these new breakthroughs as early as the Tegra 5 or even the Tegra 4. As the line between the different platforms starts to blur, pretty soon, companies like NVIDIA won't be designing different chips for PCs, gaming consoles and mobile devices anymore. Eventually there won't really be a difference.

Source: PhoneArena
This sounds pretty amazing and I hope they don't take to long with this because the faster things come out the faster they are upgraded.:biggrin:
I don't play games on my PC, but this was very impressive. One of the reasons why I don't like to play graphic intensive games on my smartphone or tablet is because it will never look like what I'm use to playing on my Xbox 360.

That Graphics card looks so badass, that I would want it out in the open to look at while I'm playing a game. It looks like a jet engine!