NVIDIA Officially Unveils New Tegra X1 Mobile CPU With 256-Core Maxwell Architecture GPU

Didn't the K1 follow the same 4+1 core theme of the Tegra 3 and 4? I love my OG Nexus 7 because of the Tegra 3 in it. Back in the day it ran every game you threw at it, and the battery life was phenomenal when you were using it sparingly. I don't think power consumption is an issue, so much as Qualcomm has dominated the market because they're SoC's are cheap to manufacture and handle the performance requirements for most Android users and their systems.

I disagree with you SquireSCA... I would much rather have my phone and tablet consolidated into one device that also works as the processing hub of of a dummy terminal system by just plugging it into a peripheral monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers.

And even if it does drain big batteries quick, we're reaching the point where conventional power methods are becoming obsolete. StoreDot comes to mind when I think of this. There was a video early last year of them charging up a Galaxy S3 from around 20% to 100% in half a minute using their biological semiconductors technology.

All of the pieces are there, it's just a matter of creating a friendly form factor and bringing the components together. And I applaud Nvidia for pushing their people to the limits as our society evolves to coexist with technology.
The Biggest thing here is how Technology is Evolving. How you are getting essentially Extreme Power in the Palm of your Hand. It is the Future and its looking Awesome!
I was rather annoyed because they were completely unwilling to talk about its use in tablets when I was there. All they were willing to talk about was its automotive applications.

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Clock speeds and # cores on a mobile chip aren't comparable to desktop/laptop SoCs's. Seems like the top mobile processors in phones and tablets currently MIGHT compare to something like Intel's Core I3....from 3 years ago.

Now Intel's new 14nm process Core M can be used in fanless devices (but not phones), and it DOES rival Core i5 laptop cpu's in some respects (while, by the way, pretty much dusting the K1).

But if you want to talk serious power, gotta look a TDP in terms of what this devices are capable of. One of Intel's latest dual-core i7's (14nm) draws 15W at low-power (28W standard power). To get this kind of REAL computing power in a phone we are talking at least 7nm process, not expected until 2018.
Yes,I know now there are many here's and there's in launching x1 BUT I m very excited to see its performance in phones or in tablets. It is such a big overstep in the generation of processors.TOMORROW IS SOON