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Dec 15, 2011
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Deleting email from hotmail


I recently upgraded my phone from the Droid 2 Global to the Droid Bionic. I wanted to know why the emails I delete off my phone in my hotmail account don't get deleted off the server on my computer? It used to do it on my droid 2 and I'm running the same gingerbread o/s. Why is data push only available for aol and not hotmail or yahoo on this as well? Is there a way to go about deleting emails from my phone off the server without setting up a corporate sync?


I figured it out. If you have a droid you need to go into the menu and then go into the accounts tab. After that find your hotmail account and tap the link to open it. You'll see a tab that says things like general settings, incoming/outgoing server and other settings. Click on the other settings tab and then check the box that says manually delete emails from the server. You can setup how old the emails to delete are too.
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