Note 7 To Launch Early August Is Semi Confirmed


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Oct 6, 2011
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Evan Blass is well known for his dead on leaks. So far pretty much everything that has come out of his twitter account has been accurate. Today he announced "Galaxy Note 6/7 launch event is almost exactly two months away". This means we can expect the Note 7 or whatever they decide to call it to be announced during the first week of August.

One person replied asking if there would be a Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 Edge to which Evan responded there will only be one device. This leaves us to wonder will this be an Edge device with dual edges and an SPen, will Samsung do away with the SPen altogether, or will this be a standard Note style device. Today we found out that the Note 5 was named America's favorite smartphone of 2015 ahead of the iPhone 6s Plus by ASCI. Who knows maybe Samsung will stick to this popular design. I for one would love a dual edge display as long as it keeps the SPen. What are your thoughts? If you only get one Note 7 what do you want to see?

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Ugh! I finally decide to jump off the Galaxy S bandwagon in favor of the next Note and they might make it an Edge only variant? Personally I think they need to stick with the standard model. It's done well for them this long.

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I don't use my S-pen daily, but I do use it. If they drop it, that will be one less reason for me to consider another. It would be a foolish change to make at this point. Better have an IR blaster as well or I'll be a sad panda.
So this phone will have dual cameras? I wonder if it's to make it capable of creating it's own 3D VR content.

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I think we are all just wishing and hoping. The photo above may or may not be the new Note. We really don't know if there will be 2 variations. It's a wait and see game...
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I can't believe they'd drop the SPen, it's literally an iconic option that keeps the note (at least partially) separated from other phablets.


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The whole point of the Note was to take notes with S-Pen. Getting rid of it and its a Galaxy S Device. I will not get it even if its an Edge.
Need it with the Pen. I use it for business. Need signatures. With the Pen and MicroSD this will be my next phone.

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From the pictures above it looks like no removable back, which means it might not have removable battery. If the battery is 4000 mah it will not be a problem for me. How about you guys would it be a deal breaker?