Note 7 Slaughtered By OnePlus 3 In Speed Test!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Once again the latest Samsung Flagship can't handle multitasking! This has been an ongoing issue with TouchWiz. The update to Marshmallow for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 actually improved multitasking quite a bit in Touchwiz on those devices. The Note 7 ships with Marshmallow so there isn't really a good explanation as to why the new Galaxy has Ram management problems.

In the video above the Note 7 loads apps faster than the OnePlus 3 and actually finishes the first lap of the test a few seconds faster. The second lap is where the OnePlus 3 shines. After a recent update the OnePlus 3 makes good use of all 6GB of Ram. The OP3 is able to recall all apps from memory where as the Note 7 must relaunch most of the apps from scratch. Samsung will probably tell you this was done on purpose to save battery life, and in reality you won't need to switch between 30 apps as seen in the speed test. Still it is kind of crazy that the $850 Note 7 gets beat by the $400 OP3 by nearly a full minute!
4GB vs 6GB of RAM. You failed to mention this in your article.
4GB vs 6GB of RAM. You failed to mention this in your article.
Well he did in fact mention the 6GB of the OnePlus 3, and most who are familiar with flagship phones of today would assume 4GB for the Note 7 or others. So it's maybe somewhat vague but I believe most would get it.

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meh, lap 1 was won by SN7 and 2 by OP3, but again OP3 doesn't work on Big Red. So doesn't matter to many consumers.
I remember buying the Note 5 last year because of seeing a similar video of it being faster than the nexus 6P. Here I am now with the Nexus 6P because what these videos don't show is what happens in a few months. I dont know what Samsung does between release day and 2-3 months down the line of updates but on release when reviewers are comparing phones the Note just blows by phones. But 3- 4 months later I notice stutter, lag and janx not felt on a nexus. At the end of the day your average person may not know or care or are told to just reboot it.