[Note 2] Chargers only work for a few days


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Jul 7, 2015
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2
I have a Galaxy Note 2. I've had it since early 2013 and it's given me few problems.

Lately, I've found that it seems to have trouble charging. I've had to fiddle around with the cable to get it the charging light to come on.

At first I figured it was the charger so I bought a new one. It worked perfectly for a few days and now I'm getting the same problems. This seems to happen with every charger I use on the phone. It'll work perfectly for a few days and then struggle to read that it's plugged in or something like that. It makes no sense.
Welcome to the forum... It's possible the port is loose or malfunctioning... might need to have it checked by service ... Also have you tried another battery to eliminate that being the issue .. another option might be wireless charging with a tag underneath the battery cover and wireless charger..

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