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Feb 13, 2012
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My hubby and I both have bionics, I received and installed the latest update with no problems. He hasn't even received it on his phone and when I go in to look for it under system update it says system update is unavailable at this time. Won't even check for it. Any ideas on how to get this download to his phone? thanks!
Just an added note - I looked at all the threads on the forum concerning check update not available and looks like all that can be done is a reset....I know he will say no the update something he should worry about or is it ok to not update it?
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Is your husband's bionic stock or has it been rooted and modified in any way?
Try a battery pull

Sent from my Bionic running .902 ICS!!!
This is a FIRST (yeah, way behind the times) smartphone for either of us so it's stock...been reading up on how to fix this problem but it's far above my thinking! Thought I was smart, guess not. We've tried the battery pull. Gonna have him try a battery and sim card pull later just for the heck of it. I know he won't do a reset...he has too many game apps that he wouldn't want to lose his data on. Was going to try a backup app for him but that's too confusing too! : )
If you guys are rooted you can buy titanium backup and backup all the game data pretty easy

Sent from my Bionic running .902 ICS!!!
That same thing happened to me with the previous update... had to do a factory reset after that I received the update right away. This current update was received without any problems at all.
Also I had purchased my apps from either the Market Place or Amazon and there wasn't a problem with restoring them. Yes it's a pain but I think the upgrades are worth it.
One thing about OTA updates, they are so random that one bionic could get the update days before another, even if they were bought at the same time.

What are you on right now? Is it .893 or .901? You can install the update manually if necessary. It's a matter of putting the zip file into your phone and then rebooting into recovery. If you want to do that, there are several threads with the file and more detailed instructions.

WARNING!! If you plan to do the sim card and battery pull, be sure to put the sim card in correctly. If you don't, it can get fried and you'll have to get a new sim card.

Some have gotten it to work with multiple battery pulls.

As for it being worth it, the next update (if any) will start at .902. But if your husband's phone works fine, cool.
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Gawd, I don't even really know what rooted is! We just have stock. He's going to try the battery/sim pull tonight and see if that works. THe vibe I'm getting is he will not do a reset, hate to say he's so into the games! I'm kinda hoping that for some strange reason it hasn't reached his phone yet. Just worries me that when he goes into system update it says "system update isn't available at this time" but when I go into mine it says I'm up to date. BTW, I have the .902, he's at .893. In case needed, would you be so kind to point me to a correct thread on manually installing? I've looked at SO many threads today and remember seeing something about it but I know I'd never be able to find it again.
This is what I did to go to .902. Of course for me, I went from .893 to .901 to .902. For you, you'll be going directly from .893 to .902. And you don't have to be rooted for this.

Get the zip file at Don't worry that the name of the file is 5.5.893. Motorola gives the name of where is coming from, not where it's going to. Be sure you have the Motorola drivers installed from USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA on your PC. These may install automatically when you connect your Bionic to your PC.

1. On the phone go to Menu>Setting>Applications>Development and check "USB Debugging."
2. Plug phone into computer.
3. Press "Mass USB Storage" from the list of choices. Two drives will show up. One is MOT (Internal Storage) and the other is Removable Drive (SD-EXT).
4. Put the downloaded file in the root (ie main area) of SD-EXT (not Internal Storage). No need to change the name or extract it.
5. Eject both MOT and Removable Drive and disconnect the phone from your computer.
6. Power phone down
7. Reboot into stock recovery (adb reboot recovery) by holding Power and Volume Up/Down at the same time.
8. Select "Recovery" by pressing Volume Down, then press Volume Up to initiate it.
9. When the robot appears, press both volume keys in at the same time.
10. Select “apply update from sdcard” using the volume keys, then Power to initiate it.
11. Using the Volume keys, choose the file that you downloaded (above), press Power and let it load.
12. When the install is done, press Power. It'll reboot, but it'll be longer than normal (about 6 minutes)

The whole process, from moving the file into the SD-EXT card to phone rebooted is about 10 minutes. Of that, 3 minutes will be the phone extracting the files (Step 11) and 6 minutes for the install itself (Step 12). A long time to stare at your phone, I admit.
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Thanks a bunch, we'll wait a few more days then give this a try!
Well, not having any luck, can someone please help me find the .893 update? Hubby's phone is still at 886. Almost at the point of doing a factory reset but REALLY don't want to. HELP!
If he's still on .886, I suggest taking it to a Verizon store and showing them. Of course they may suggest either the Factory Reset or a replacement phone.
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that's what I've suggested, hoping he can stop there today....
Help i want to update my bionic still running .886 and i want the .902 for new rom and its rooted using safestrap. It wont let me update. I downloaded zip file of update to sd card, put sfestrap in safe mode and tried to choose file and apply its not working says error help ?