No Under the Glass Fingerprint Scanner! Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - THE TRUTH REVEALED!!!

I wonder if this technology is proving to be more difficult than everyone thought, since no one seems to be able to make it functional and release a phone with it?

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It's still possible as it is not official from Samsung. But I would not be surprised considering companies like Google and Samsung had to agree to certain security protocols to get Samsung and Google Pay approved. They have to prove that the under glass fingerprint scanner will not be able to be fooled with a picture or be inadvertently accessed by a dirty screen with the last user's fingerprint partially on it.

Companies like Samsung, especially given they just got people to forget about the Note 7, can not have a big misstep trying to rush new tech. They are Ok letting companies like Vivo take the hit for being first. This saves them time and money. And if you look, this has worked for Apple for years.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - THE TRUTH REVEALED!!!
I am Very Disappointed!!! Seems like Samsung is dropping the ball on the Note 9! Saving it for the S10 and Note 10.

don't know if they are dropping the ball or if they are having technical difficulties getting it to work in all conditions. as long as when they do add the feature it works :)
After doing some more research I found this:
Samsung is taking its time for a very good reason, at least according to a new report from Korea.

In order to vastly improve the accuracy and durability of existing in-display fingerprint scanners, the world’s largest smartphone vendor might be working on an in-house ultrasonic solution.

Ultrasonic technology is significantly pricier and trickier to mass-manufacture than its optical counterpart, but in the long haul, it’s expected to prevail on home appliances, automobiles and the IoT industry in addition to mobile devices.

Samsung’s ultrasonic FOD development is purportedly “complete” already, but yields and accuracy have to be improved before the “invisible” sensor is commercialized, hence the need to wait for the Galaxy S10.

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Waiting for the announcement of the Note 9. If it does not impress me, I will hold on to my Pixel XL another year or go with the Pixel 3 XL!

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based on the rumors, I will also be sticking with my current phone. most likely upgrade to the note 10 unless they go too crazy with useless features and price is too high...