No option to download or stream videos through the browser


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Nov 25, 2014
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Sanya 5.1" Smartphone
On my old android phone when I would play a video through the browser it would give me an option to stream it through the gallery or download it.
Now I have a new phone and it gives no option it just streams straight there on the browser.
How do I get it to bring up that option to download?

I am running android 4.4.2 any more info required just ask :)
What phone? It also depends on video site.. Some play on browser and other redirect.. Clear defaults in the Web browser by going to apps manager in phone settings finding the browser..

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It is a Sanyi 5.1" smartphone. I figured only the android version would be of consequence. Every video site I go to plays straight in the browser and gives no option on what to do with the video. These same sites used to give that option on my old phone.
I am using the default browser that came with the phone. I have tried Chrome and Firefox they all do they same.
I remember what you're talking about, but I haven't seen a video function like that in quite a long time. I wonder if there's another third party app that can get you the results you're looking for.

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The ones I have tried don't download video strangely enough. Do you know of any good ones?
I'm afraid I don't. It may be an issue of copyright that caused them to remove the functionality in the first place, but I don't find myself wanting to download videos often.

Have you tried searching the play store for "video downloader" or similar?

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