Nexus 5 Update Causing Nasty Volume Bug and How To Fix


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Oct 6, 2011
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Owning a Nexus device means that you get the latest and greatest builds of Android first. It also kind of means that some times you get to be a guinea pig for Google as the Nexus lineup is more or less their model device. The latest security update for the Nexus 5 just rolled out. While it patches any security holes users are reporting some pretty wonky volume issues after having accepted the update. Many users are not able to adjust volume in call, while others are not able to mute apps, still others are experiencing an all around volume drop that makes all parts of the phone barely audible.

Google has already acknowledged the bug as a code mistake. Apparently the Android developer Francisco Franco has put together a quick fix which he says does not compromise your security while we wait on the official fix from Google. For the unofficial fix head to the link below, download the file, and flash in recovery.

via XDA