Newly rooted Droid Razr - LOTS OF QUESTIONS!


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Dec 11, 2011
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Hello all, just joined this forum and know just enough about the Droid to be dangerous!!! I see myself trying to customize my new Droid Razr quite a bit over the next several weeks/months. I have successfully rooted it and installed Titanium Backup, have the SuperUser icon and have frozen several of the garbage apps and services that kill the battery and memory.

I am very interested in finding an SBF file for the Droid Razr when it gets developed. I haven't found one on the browser jungle as of the date of this post.

I would like to see a list of apps and services that I can SAFELY uninstall and/or freeze... since there is no SBF out for the Razr yet I am being very cautious.

Also, very interested in finding out how to turn my newly rooted Droid Razr into a wi-fi hotspot that can get me web access on my laptop... without of course paying Verizon every month!

I'm also getting an annoying "Preparing SD Card - Checking for errors." notification that won't go away. It was doing it out of the box before and after being rooted. Tried hard reset, removed SD Card, booted with and without SD card... no success. Any help on that would be great.

Thank you all for any assistance!


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Dec 21, 2010
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Welcome to Droid Forums!! We are happy to have you with us :)

As far as I know there is not an SBF yet but I have not been following real closely so there could be.
I would recommend freezing apps and not removing them. Either way do a full nandroid backup before you start playing around with it and here is a list of apps safe to freeze Bloatware Bloat Removal List [PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST] - xda-developers.
I see you got an answer on wifi tethering in thw other thread and as far as your error message I am not sure what would cause that unfortunately.