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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi all: Am a small business owner with a Droid X. You all probably have answered this a million times, but I cannot find the draft file on my phone.
Especially after I receive a phone call. What is the magic solution?:blink:
Welcome to Droid Forums!! I am not sure exactly what you mean by the draft file. If you give me some more info/description maybe I can help you figure out what it is you are looking for.
Email draft folder

Sorry, what I meant was, where is the draft email folder?
When I start an email reply, get an incoming call. The reply gets sent to the email draft folder.
Where is the reply draft kept or how do I go back to my reply that I started and lost in draft email folder?
Hello and welcome to the forum!!

If you open your email, hard menu key for settings and folder or label options - you should see a folder that indicates "drafts"...