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Apr 9, 2011
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Hi my name is David i am new here just got a new droid x.First off i cant seem to figure out how to drag tones from my phone to my computer or vise versa help please.Is there some software i need to down load to assist with this???
Welcome! You should be able to just drag and drop in windows explorer when the usb cord is connected.

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Welcome to the forums! Once you have connected to the computer via data cable pull down the notification bar. Tap on the line that says something like share files with your computer. This mounts the SD card to the computer. Open "my computer " on the PC and look for the removable storage device. That is your SD card. Now you should be able to transfer files. I don't know exactly what file music should go in, but I'm sure someone else can help with that part. I'll check back later to see how you got on. Good luck!

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