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Nov 29, 2010
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Hi - I'm new to the forums and to droid.

I came from a blackberry storm.

I have to say, it has not been an instant love connection. There was things I was used to with the blackberry that are not possible with the droid, but it is growing on me. Especially the amount of apps! With my blackberry, I would download apps and run out of space/memory.

So it is slowly growing on me. :)

Once I can get everything tweaked the way I want, I'll be fully converted.

Glad to find you guys!
Welcome to the Forum
Welcome to the forums! You will soon get comfortable with Android. It just takes a little time. Once you do though, its a whole other world. Former bb user myself and I've never looked back.

Enjoy the forums!

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Welcome to the community and i am a former BB storm 1 user and switching to my D2 was a big step up due to all the new bells and whistles compared to BB. The Android OS had to grow on me too but i love it now and dont think i would have anything different unless the super phones with Tegra 2 technology come out. I hope you enjoy your stay dancedroid