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Oct 22, 2010
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Hi I'm [not yet] an owner of an Android or Smartphone and for that matter I'm coming to the end of my Verizon contract and have been only using a flip Samsung and do limited texting and my wife who doesn't even text on her LG feature phone and I are looking into extending our contract with 2 of the latest data phones, I've looked at them in the stores, but can't decide which ones I wan't to go with or even if I want to stay with the same carrier I've been with them since well before they became Verizon.
I will appreciate and info to help me make a decision.

:welcome:to the forum. I think you will find this place packed full of useful information. I am pretty sure if you got a Droid you would not be sorry. They are pretty sweet phones and there is a lot that you can do with them.
Thanks for your info, I am leaning to a Droid anyway but have to narrow down to a model.
They are all great devices I'm sure that which ever one you choose you will be happy. If you have any questions just come back and ask there will always be someone here to help. BTW welcome to the forums. :)

Trying out Sprint for a month. Sent from my Evo using Tapatalk. 4G is pointless when you don't live in one of the few available network areas.
In all honesty, UNLESS YOU PLAN ON ACTUALLY USING THE FEATURES... Stick with a basic phone.. Don't get me wrong, droids are GREAT!! I love them.. based on what you said here, you're used to a very basic phone...

My parents were the same way, used basic phones.... didn't really need the extra capabilities... BUT switched to feature phones.. THEY HATE THEM!!! They don't use the extra features they pay for and find them too complicated...

If you're looking for features DROIDS are the way to go!!! JUST MAKE SURE IT"S WHAT YOU WANT!