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Jun 24, 2011
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Hello all, New to this site and I don't have a droid, but my wife does and expects me to figure it all out for her. Problem: She wants to download the photos she takes to our PC. I have went thru all the "official" makers posted instructions and all it really does is try to re direct me to a site where I can pay to have them stored. I am shure it can be done easily. Just can't find out how. Never had a problem with other camera phones. just took the chip out and opened it on the PC
Can anybody enlighten this old fart with a new phone?
The easiest way I'd to just the phone into the computer with the USB and select the option to share the sd card. Then your computer should show a new device and you should be able to open the files from your phone by opening the "removable storage" on your computer. Look fire the folder named dcim. Then a quick copy and paste to move the pics to the computer. Otherwise, another option is to email the photos to an email account and them opening then and saving them on the computer.

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Worked like a charm, preciate that.:)