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Nov 27, 2011
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Hi Everyone my handle online is ArticDust.

I would like to thank you for the people who run and maintain this site. This is now my 3rd Smart-Phone site I have become a member to. 1st and 2nd were XDA and howardforums. Both sites are great and highly recommend them to anyone. Hopefully I'm not going to get in trouble for posting a different website on the forums. Like in the topic I am new to Smart-Phones. I used to have a Boost-Mobile phone were I would have to add minutes ever week using a $20 base purchased card. At that point in my life I didn't care about texting, having a phone to get online, app/games. I just wanted a phone that was able to get access for phone calls to come in and out. Very Simple.

Now that I have a Smart-Phone when I was at Best Buy since my brother worked there at the time ( couple weeks ago ) we decided it was time for me to get a better plan, provider, and most important phone. At the time he was paying for it so I couldn't get an expensive phone. At that time they had a week special on HTC Inspire 4G for Free with contract. So that's the phone I decided to get.
Now I have been reading forums for the past week and half the people hate my phone but than under the Inspire forum section everyone loves it and wouldn't change it.

Now I have not rooted my phone yet. But from the looks of it, I will be doing it soon. It looks like I will be rooting my phone with " Advanced Ace Hack Kit (UPDATED 29-10-2011) "
I have watched the most recently You-Tube video and it seems to be a 1 click solution to doing a lot of things. For those that don't know it does.

  • Only ONE menu step - HACK ACE
  • No ROM downgrade required (only radio/kernel)
  • No wiping data
  • Rom is fully functional (yes, inc wifi)
  • Fully rooted with insecure boot image (supports adb remount for rw system)
  • Busybox manager app installed
  • S-Off, superCid & carrier sim unlock
  • Correct Radio is automagically restored for HSPA+ operation
  • Clockworkmod Recovery and Rom Manager included
  • Both stock Froyo and Gingerbread supported
  • Easy return to stock
  • Much smaller download
  • Much smaller firmware flash to obtain the exploit - comparatively very fast processing

Now here come a question I have. I have seen that people have posted a lot of different ROMS for after you root your phone. ( Now I'm a NooB so please bare with me. ) I saw an application called ROM Manger. When you have a ROM already on your phone can you download another one and it just goes into your ROM Manger? Or does it stay on your computer or SD Card?
Also, ( I know this question might be stupid ) but what ROMS have people tried and are stable and which would be the best to use? Does each ROM come with it's owns in's and out's?

Sorry for asking questions on my Introduction. It's nice to meet everyone and hopefully I will enjoy this forum as I have the other two.
Thanks for reading my post and everyone keep up the good work!!!



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Dec 21, 2010
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Welcome to DroidForums!! We are happy to have you with us and I am sure you will have a good experience with us at DF as well.

To answer your question about ROM Manager, you can use it to flash from ROM to ROM. But as far as the ROM being in it, I guess sort of. What I mean is it reads your SD so if the ROM is on your SD you can navigate to it via ROM Manager to do the installs etc. If you download it from ROM Manager, it will be in a specific folder or if you move it to your SD then it will be in whatever folder you placed it in.
Not familiar with your device to comment on any ROMs unfortunately. In fact I am not even sure if ROM Manager is compatible with your device, I would verify it ahead of time if you plan to use it.


Welcome to the site. I would also advise to research compatibility before trying to use the app. dancedroid