New to my droid x, my email opens then backs out on its own


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Feb 15, 2011
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Ok, former BB owner, just got my droidx. Finally set my work email (state of vermont) up thru the corp exchange. it opned the first time, downloaded my new emails. I sent an email to test it. Then closed the program and went about my day.

About 20 minutes later I tried to open it, it opened to the inbox, then about 2-4 seconds later it backs out to the home screen on its own.

I tried everything to fix this, I finally went into my accounts to delete the email and try setting it up again, only to find that the email does not show there.

If i open the account up and go into settings it bounces me back to the inbox, then bounces back out to the home page.

IF anyone has any idea what this is all about, I would appreciate the help.

Thank you.
I too, former dedicated BB user....switched and LOVE the droid x. However I am having the exact same issue...did you ever receive a response to your post? HELP.
I'm another, and no I am not touching any buttons. My corporate sync email as well as my windstream do this. I have a droid2 global.
Well, to be honest...Blackberry is still the best for corporate email. Anyways, It could be email content. I've seen certain email types just simply cause problems. Try deleting or cleaning out the inbox from a PC and see if the problem persists. It may also be conflicts with the corporate server, talk to a person in your IT dept because they may have heard of the issue and may have a solution. Lastly, try pulling the battery out of the device.

You might also want to try a 3rd party email client. K9 Email says it does exchange support and there are others out there. Bottom line: native apps aren't always the best.