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Dec 13, 2010
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hello to all my name is mike and i am still very new to android however after one site of them up against iphone i am very much a fan and i look for to outfitting my as much as some of the guys at work who call their selves droid fiends or pros......some one please help as i am trying to root my phone first and then begin to get some of the paid apps free which from my understanding are not free if your phone is not rooted. someone please help i need a step by step guide to rooting my phone........thanks in advance mike
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Rooting your droid will not get paid apps for free. It will only unlock your droid so you can customize it

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Welcome and why wouldn't yall want to contribute to the developer who made the app so the developer could maybe continue the update process on that app? Rooting is a great way to fully customize your phone but just feel few to post questions if you decide to root. Enjoy the android though

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:welcome: to the forum. Enjoy your stay with us. BTW asking for paid apps for free is usually frowned upon here.

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I have a feeling he is referring to wireless tethering...

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