NEW [THEME] GingerBred for Jelly Haters RC5 Droid RAZR


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Oct 6, 2011
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Don't you miss the good ole days of Gingerbread! All that mountain dew green. It just screamed techy, geek, android fanboy! Well its back! This time it is here in the form of a super sick theme created by theme dev "dubsx". The new theme is built specifically for the Droid RAZR on Sparkyman's Jelly Haters RC5 Rom. The Rom is based on the JB kernel so you will need to be there before flashing the rom and theme. Themed elements include Browser, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Email, Gmail, LatinIME, MMS, Music, Phone, Settings, SystemUI, Talk, Framework, BootAnimation, and more is in the works for this theme. You should only install this via Safestrap. This is one of the best looking Gingerbread roms out right now... well maybe one of the only! :)

Via Droid-Hive