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Jan 11, 2011
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keirasdroid has created a new social group called "pictures", with the following description:

I am a new Droid owner and i don't even know if I am in the right place to ask questions. but I have been wearing the battery down on my phone and searching Google trying to find out how to take a picture that I have saved to supposedly my SD card from a message I have received. It sent it to my files on my phone and in a folder called messages. I am trying to save the picture as a contact and i am just beyond baffled! I have copied it; but it only makes a duplicate in that same folder. I have moved it but have no idea where it moved. if I share it it has a whole list of places to share it but nothing to where i want it.
Is it at all possible to save it to my camera photos? because I know how to do it there. PLEASE HELP its driving me crazy!

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