NEW [ROM] Droid Bionic Back on the Development Radar w/ AXIOM [B] CM9 by DroidTh3ory!


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Oct 6, 2011
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So I hope none of you guys got rid of your Droid Bionic like I almost did. I put it on Ebay and asked way to much ($365) partly because I didn't really want to get rid of it i guess. I told myself that there was really no development and i could use the money towards something with more hope! Well the Bionic didn't sell I was kind of relieved. As I was cleaning it up and getting it ready to ship just in case someone would bid on it last second I remembered how awesome I felt the day I got it. How excited I was when I installed bootstrap recovery, and how incredible it was to run my first Th3oryRom "Unl3ash3d". So you can imagine my excitement when the very next week I log on to Droidforums to discover one of my favorite Bionic devs was coming back, and even more excited to hear that along with Dhacker, Hashcode, and Nitro there would once again be some serious development for this beloved device!
Announcing "Axi0m cm9 4.0.3" for the Bionic by developer "DroidTh3ory"! This is the same great rom that I flashed months ago on my GalaxyNexus only this time it is for the BIONIC!


This Rom is based of the ICS4Bionic build. It should be noted that this release is Alpha and there will be a few bugs. However this Rom is ready to be flashed! It is Smooth, Fast and Sexy, and most of all it is Ice Cream Sandwich on the Droid Bionic! Just in case you didn't catch the Th3oryRom series on the Bionic in the months after its release all Th3ory Roms start out as a Base System which is then tuned, sped up, made fluid, and solid. Then custom Mods and UIs are added in later releases.

This Rom is built on CM9 4.0.3 source, it features an advanced install script, integrated google apps 4.0.4, modded busybox, masturMOD settings, full dsp manager, VZW support for apps (like NFL mobile), Th3ory GOFASTER Script (for increased speed, fluidity, battery life and RAM management), Max FPS 240, Force Home Launcher in GPU, disable kernel logging (more speed), max jpeg resolution, SD read Speed, Shorter Ring delay for faster call connections, proximity sensor hack, UI enhancements, and tons of other mods and tweaks!

This Rom is the beginning of something great for the DroidBionic and other devices that will be supported as well like the Droid3, Droid4, and RAZR!

Grab this Rom here and discuss!