NEW [ROM] BlackICE Kangorade 28.29 for the GalaxyNexus LTE or GSM


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Oct 6, 2011
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Galaxy Nexus users! Announcing a super sick Blacked out Rom for your devices! Last month I featured some blacked out themes that were pretty slick, but today I am showing you guys my favorite Blacked out Rom. This is BlackICE Kangorade by developer "TravP624"! This Rom is fully built from AOKP source. For those of you that live under a rock AOKP is the rom by dev Roman that has taken the Gnex world and other device communities by storm. The Rom's OP quickly racked up over 1million hits last month and alot of the new roms today include some of its features. If you have not tried AOKP out yet you will want to make sure you flash BlackICE now!


This Rom is super fast and not too bad on battery.. well actually pretty decent on battery life. I ran this rom for almost two whole weeks which is saying alot for a crackflasher like myself! This Rom includes the BlackICE Control which will keep you occupied for atleast 30 minutes or hours if you have never run an AOKP style Rom before. Some of the included customization options in the BlackICE control are UI mods (180degree rotation, weather) Navigation (choose which softkeys, what order, what color) Lockscreen options (quad target, octo target, custom apps in targets), power menu options (torch toggle, screenshot), power saver options, Led options (pulse rate, color chooser) Notification options (center clock, clock color, battery style, battery color) and more!

This Rom also includes some custom mods such as CM file manager, Dsp manager, Cm mms, Custom DroidTh3ory Go Faster Script (which will make your rom GO FASTER), Custom MasturMods settings for even more customization, Of course the main feature is the DARK THEME, BlackICE boot animation, Inverted apps (white elements of the app replaced with black elements... looks sick!), and tons of other goodies.

Grab the Rom Here and be sure to make TravP624 feel welcomed HERE


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Apr 27, 2011
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man this makes me wish i had the gnex......stupid thunderbolt.


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Jan 5, 2010
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Flashed this yesterday and have been running it through it's paces all day. Not a single issue far. Really liking the customization and theme

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