NEW [ROM] BAMF Paradigm v1.0 for the Galaxy Nexus!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Another awesome looking custom rom is now available for the Galaxy Nexus! Announcing BAMF Paradigm by developer "Adrynalyne". Some of you HTC guys have become very familiar with team BAMF and their Roms. This team always releases highly customizable and very stable roms, and Paradigm seems to fit that pattern as well. You may say to yourself aren't they a little late to the Gnex scene. Well it turns out that Adrynalyne and team BAMF have been hard at work perfecting this Rom over the past several month. They wish only to release the very best and they feel like their version of AOSP will be like no other that you have experienced on your Gnex to date!


Team BAMF's motto when building roms has always been to stay as stock as possible while providing as much functionality as possible always maintaining stability and user experience as a primary concern. You wont see anything added to this at the expense of stability or user experience.

This Rom is built on Android version 4.0.3. It features a Quick, lagfree experience, Rock solid stability, a bugfree experience, and developer support. What is not featured here useless tweaks, mods, bloat and over the top themeing. Some custom features include a Kernel overclocked to 1.35gHz, and performance tweaks and mods. Some special add ons include stock sounds, sped up notification led, spare parts, additional live wallpapers, extra browser settings, modified camera, increased rotation and animation speeds, accurate battery, custom clock widget, long press menu for recent apps, configurable search soft key, T9 dialer, custom launcher, custom bootanimation, Bamf LTE widget, BAMF torch widget, customizable lockscreen, BAMF settins (lots of customization) and tons more!

This looks to be a very solid and clean Rom!

Grab the Rom here and discuss


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Aug 21, 2010
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Jacksonville, FL
So far, none of the other ROMs available for the G-Nex have really piqued my interest, but this one may change things. It looks great, and they've got a reputation of stability and support. I've just been rocking rooted/unlocked stock, but I think I know what I'm doing this weekend now. dancedroid


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Jan 8, 2010
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Someone get it and let me know how it is. I've been thinking hard of rooting my phone lately just so I can improve the battery! I wanna get 4 hours of use like other people too. Not 1.5 hours.


Mar 4, 2010
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Seattle, WA
I have been looking for something special for the past few weeks. ROMs are just becoming meh now. I have been waiting for a good BB or CM9 but dont want the nightly builds because I want something turn key and ready to go. I will give this a shot this weekend and report back on it. I think this ROM will stir up some discussion because of the readily available features.

Will post back later.