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Mar 29, 2011
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I am 18 currently in high school and HTC Thunderbolt was my first android phone and I'm loving every minute of it. Although the 4g doesn't work as well as I thought it would.
I am a computer science major so I am involved a lot with computers and plan to take interest in programming apps for android because of their open source.

Cons I have is:
I can't delete the default apps which I heard you have to root but I don't want to undo my warranty.
The media sound isn't too loud, wish it could be better.
Not really digging the 1.3 front camera could of done better.

I am wondering If there is an app to watch live streaming tv? if so could you please help me. Thanks in Advance
Chesong, welcome to the world of Android, and good to hear you have a TB. I got mine the day after it hit the market and I'm loving it. I don't have 4G where I live but it's a big step up from my Droid 1 from November 2009. I think you'll enjoy it and remember the HTC folks will be releasing updates for different bugs.

Also, welcome to DF - hope you make yourself at home here.
Welcome! Have you checked out the TB section in the Forum? You will find a lot of info o the TB in the sections.
welcome to the forum! unfortunately yes u would need to root to remove unnecessary bloat ware...blah. and yes it does void the warranty. but there's more cons to it when rooting.
anyway glad ur aboard

Aloha from Hawaii...