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Feb 28, 2011
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I've followed the forums for a while and decided to finally register. I'm using Droid X and my XOOM should arrive in the next day or two.
Welcome to the community and congrts on teh XOOM and the X. That XOOM should keep you busy for a couple days haha. Feel free to ask questions. Dive on in and enjoy
welcome to the forum and im hoping to get my Xoom within 2 weeks.
how's it going corey and james!

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Summer workout paying you back too? I'm using muscles I haven't used all winter long haha. Winter is the lazy time (aka hibernation) lol

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oh im so grateful Hawaii does not have the type of weather u all have in the states. at least I can still go to the beach, bodyboard, tan, etc etc etc. jealous yet?! LOL

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Fed Ex just delivered my XOOM :icon_ banana: