New member waiting for Droid x to come in


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Jul 27, 2010
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Santa Barbara, CA
Just purchased a droid x. My contract didnt expire until February and my early upgrade was October but dude was cool and hooked me up since ive been a customer for so long. Only problem is now i gotta wait for the next shipment of droids to come in. I've always used the cheapest oldest phones to save money with the cheapest plans but I just couldnt help it this time. My laptops getting pretty old as well so I kind of wanted a mini laptop. My Magelin navigation in my car is also going on so thinking that the droid could cover me there to. I wont go over the long list of reasons why i bought one but its so much more then just a phone. Im huge football fan so pretty stoked for the season as well.... Anyway look foward to asking members how to do this or that. dancedroid