New issue to me, what about you?


Jan 16, 2011
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Keizer, OR
So today I updated my CWM to
I decieded to look around at the roms that are out.
I have been running IncRom 1.2
I noticed that IncRom has produced a new rom and I wanted to try it out.
So, I selected the new rom to download. I selected "wipe data and cache". The phone went to re-boot and I got the HTC Incredible white background screen. Then the screen went black and does nothing.
I pulled out the battery and went into HBOOT. I selected recovery. Then the phone goes back into the black screen. I selected factory rest. Then the phone goes back into the black screen. If I select reboot. The phone stays locked at the HTC Incredible with the white background screen.
Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Thank you for your time!
So basically, I can get into HBOOT but I get a black sceen when I attemp to go into recovery.​
HTC Incredible Forum
Inc specific forum with some really cool gurus.
Some of the stickies deal with that sort of problem

Support Our Troops!!
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I'm sorry, I used the link given and all the advice on the forums did not apply in my case.
My phone is currently UN-usable and I wish that I could fix it.
I guess I'm starting to get frustrated. :mad: