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Nov 3, 2010
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So I've been lurking around trying to find a decent resource for things related to the Moto Droid 1.

This place looks pretty good. So I registered so I can ask dumb questions and come up with new and unique way to look foolish. :)

My own phone is an Incredible, my wife has a Droid.

I'm used to rooting, ROMs, RUUs, and other associated hackery on my Inc. I'm not as clear on the Droid and trying to get a handle on how some of those concepts map over it.
Welcome aboard. You will find most of your questions should get answered here.
New forum user: Hoping for the Best

is this ever read by anyone? I am brand new to smartphones EVERYTHING seems incredibly complicated on my Droid Incredible.
I respectfully am asking for information on how to use the site first...and hopefully someone will steer an 82 year old senior with bad eyesight to help me at least ANSWER my droid. I gave up a Jitterbug for this, so you can tell I am in trouble quickly.
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Welcome. Well you've come to the right place for droid answers. Enjoy and prepare for a great ride

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I don't think the Incredible was really designed for someone with poor eyesight in mind. HTC has packed quite a bit of functionality into a very small package, and I think that was the single biggest tradeoff.

As for at least answering the phone, you'll see a black arch on the screen when it rings (or showing up shortly after it starts ringing). Touch that and swipe down to answer. Or swipe up to direct the call to voicemail.

I'm hoping I don't have that backwards and having you send everyone that calls you to VM. :) I've long since replaced the software on my Incredible, so I'm not positive on which direction takes which action.
Thanks to all who replied quickly

To Ardax, Nubby, Jim et a:

I appreciated the welcome and the prompt replys. Yes, I believe the Incredible might be a Cadillac to a Model T driver mostly because of the fading eyesight. But I find many of the search features can be voice activated so that will be a bonus at times. I am sure as I monkey around with it more things will get easier.
I may be a pest for a week or two, but please bear with me a bit