New Guy Droid X... Is there a Mac Forum for us?



I started out with a Storm and felt like I was a beta tester for RIM and Verizon. Then I tried Storm 2 hoping they had gotten it right that time... but I was disappointed!

I have had the Droid X for a couple of months now and am finding it to be a neat phone that at times is certainly smarter than I:)

My issues relate to also being a Mac owner and trying to get addresses and calendars to sync with Google
I also use Office for Mac, 2008 which has Entourage (Their version of outlook for Mac) for contacts and calendars. Syncing requires syncing with Apples address Book and that in turn sync's with Google which sync's with my Droid.

Now that all sounds doable but the issues is I can get dozens of duplicates tripling my 1000 contacts:mad:

Now Microsoft has released it's Office for Mac 2011. It claims to sync with Apples Address Book but will not sync it's calander.

Are there other Mac isers out there who would find a Mac section helpful?



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Dec 10, 2009
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Welcome to the forums. We do not have a section for the Mac but we do have a section dedicated to the X. However, I can tell you that there are quite a few Mac users on here. I use one while I am at work. I saw your set up, what we use is Busy Cal and sync it with Google which in turn syncs to my Droid. I am not sure if that would help you or not but you could check it out.


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Jan 15, 2010
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Welcome! Good to have you with us. There quite a few of us here that use Mac's so if you need anything hopefully we can assist. There is a Apple social group (click community above) but I've not received much communication from the group.