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Aug 19, 2012
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Hello members. I am new to the DROID world and recently started a
new job in the Detroit area. The job came with a Motorola android phone. I joined to learn
more about smart phones- particularly data push (what is it?).
Hello and welcome to the droid forums..
Data push in what sense?
Welcome to Droid Forums!! Let us know what you mean more specifically and hopefully we can help out a bit :)
Welcome to DroidForums chasman. By data push, do you mean push email, etc? Let us know. We can help you figure out most anything.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!!
Relating to sending (and maybe getting) email. The choices are data push or fetch schedule.
My phone is a Motorola Photon with Sprint service.
Push means that when you get an email it is sent to your device at that time. . A pull schedule means that your device will check for new emails at a predetermined interval.