NEW Chronus Clock Widget Added To CM10.1


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Cyanogen Mod Team continues to innovate. Their latest creation is the Chronus Clock Widget which has been added to CM 10.1. The clock widget resembles the widget from Android 4.2, but the CM clock widget adds some new features such as weather, calendar home, and lockscreen widgets. The new widget is named after the "God of Time" Chronos. You can configure the widget under system settings where you will be able to configure the clock display, and enable and configure the weather and calendar widgets. You will be able to add this to either or both the homescreen and the lockscreen. The widget starts out in a minimized state on the lockscreen but can be expanded to full view with a down swype. The Chronus widget looks realy sleek. It's a great addition to Cyanogen Mod.

Via CyanogenMod